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As we move ever further into the Internet Age, technology is becoming an increasingly crucial part of any business. Consider, according to Forbes, cloud computing solutions are expected to grow by 36% through 2016. That’s not terribly surprising, not when you consider the advantages of outsourcing your data needs. Turning to server hosting companies means you don’t have to maintain an expensive onsite server. It’s also a surefire way to increase data redundancy and security, helping to keep your business safe from increasingly aggressive cybercriminals.

The most important revolutions in business technology have been those improving business phone systems. Whereas before businesses had to rely on expensive, out-dated land-lines, cloud hosting and computing companies now offer internet-based business phone systems, often referred to as VOIP, or Voice Over Internet Protocol.

What Are the Advantages of an Internet-based Business Phone System?

  1. Internet Phone Systems Are Much Cheaper
  2. As Computer World writes, one of the biggest advantages of switching to an internet-based business phone system is the price. Many of the best VOIP providers offer business phone systems for as little as $19.95 a month. International savings are even more impressive. Calls to Europe, for example, are usually no more than $.03 or $.04 per minute.

  3. Increased Data Volume for Less
  4. Unlike traditional business phone systems, internet phone systems are easily scalable, giving businesses access to higher call volume capacity without higher prices. Tech Target points out that a single T1 internet connection can maintain 64 simultaneous calls on a VOIP system. That’s many times more calls per line than a traditional business phone system.

  5. A Cloud Business Phone is More Reliable
  6. For Cloud Computing Topics, a website devoted to discussing the pros and cons of cloud-based technologies, VOIP business phone systems represent a far more reliable form of business communication technology than other business phone systems. Since the technology that makes VOIP work is stored off campus with multiple redundant systems, the chances of your phone system going down are virtually nonexistent.

Upgrading your business phone system to a cloud-based VOIP system can greatly improve your business communications and your company overall. With huge savings, greater capacity, and improved reliability over traditional phone systems, why wouldn’t you make the switch? Helpful research also found here: Atlanta business phone system

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