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On Black Friday in 2012, mobile shopping accounted for just over 16% of all sales. This represents the fact that shopping while on the go using smartphones and tablets is becoming more and more popular. On top of that, according to Google survey, 67% of consumers that that a mobile friendly site is more likely to receive their business, making mobile web design the next major trend in online marketing.

Two of the most important facets of a mobile website, for users, are ease of use and navigability. If a user tries to access a website but has trouble navigating or finding the information that they need quickly, they might not stay for long. Generally, website visitors decide if they want to stay on a web site in the first two to four seconds that they are there. So it is important for companies to make sure their mobile site is optimized and user friendly in order to inspire customers to make a purchase.

36% of shoppers will actually use their mobile device to look for information about one store while they are in another. So, though it is easy for professionals who provide website support services to get carried away with bells and whistles, they must always keep the users in mind. If someone is using their mobile device to find information about a business or do product research, there are some basics that they will want to locate quickly. By showcasing details like business hours, location, and contact information, websites will help individuals quickly find the necessary information that they need. This can go a long way towards helping them feel comfortable purchasing products or services from a specific company.

When it comes to the field of web design, there are lots of areas that web developers need to consider. Those areas include graphic and interface design, authoring, user experience, and SEO. Because there are so many areas to focus on, it can be difficult and time consuming to create a site that thrives in all of them. And, once the site is built, it can be difficult to maintain it. As a result, businesses looking to use their website to build a highly visible web presence might want to invest in website support services. By providing advice and support, the top website design companies are a great resource for growing businesses. Read more about this topic at this link: Calgary website designer

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