Marijuana addicts

Everyday, millions of American teenagers ask themselves how to quit smoking marijuana; in fact, statistics estimate that more than ten percent of Americans smoked a J last year, and that more than twenty percent of high school seniors smoked a J or a blunt in the last thirty days, which is astonishing considering that only 18 percent of teenagers smoked a cigarette in that same period of time. Remember as well, dear reader, that the cigarette is legal. They realize that they want to know how to quit smoking marijuana after they learn that the American Journal of Psychiatry claims that marijuana addicts who suffer from marijuana abuse are four times more likely to develop depression than clean, upstanding Americans. However, these teenagers who want to know how to quit smoking marijuana rarely realize that these users are chronic users who have smoked every day for more than ten years and have tried to quit more than six times. US taxpayers pay more than 10 billion dollars every year to keep these dope fiends off the streets and in marijuana addiction programs. However, experts suggest that these tax dollars would be better spent teaching teenagers how to quit smoking marijuana.
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