Marijuana addicts

Did you know that the earliest drafts of the United States Declaration of Independence were written on paper made from hemp plants? In its earliest forms, hemp was used to make paper; however, the use of this plant soon evolved into a recreational and medicinal drug. Many individuals consider themselves to be regular users of marijuana, and many others wonder: Is marijuana addictive? Individuals who abuse marijuana may soon find themselves dealing with symptoms of cannabis addition, including cannabis withdrawal symptoms. These and other marijuana withdrawal symptoms may vary depending on each individual; however, there are marijuana addiction treatment programs to assist marijuana addicts across the country. Individuals who believe they may be marijuana addicts should not feel ashamed or put off getting treatment for drug dependency. It may help you to lead a more fulfilling life.

One of the reasons why many individuals may consider themselves to be marijuana addicts is likely due to the availability of the drug. Cannabis plants are known to grow in nearly any ecosystem. In addition, these plants average one to two inches of growth each day. They are also known to grow over fifteen feet in height. As such, marijuana addicts may have easy access to the drug, due to its prevalence and cost efficiency. In fact, it is reported that over eleven percent of Americans, or over twenty five million Americans, have smoked marijuana in the last year alone. While studies vary on whether or not marijuana is truly addictive, many individuals identify themselves as marijuana addicts. This includes a feeling of not being able to function without the assistance of marijuana, and may also include a variety of symptoms should marijuana be unavailable. In fact, over forty six percent of former marijuana smokers have reported sleep disruption issues. This not only includes common insomnia, but it can also include vivid and disturbing dreams, such as nightmares, which may disrupt sleep. Enrolling in a program to assist marijuana addicts may help with symptoms like these, as well as other marijuana cessation symptoms, including anxiety or irritability.

Marijuana use has often been considered a significant issue within the United States. In fact, it is estimated that United States taxpayers pay ten billion dollars annually toward marijuana prohibition costs. This includes the arrest of more than eight hundred and fifty thousand individuals each year on marijuana related charges and infractions.
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