When you have pain in your back or other areas on your body, you may need to find a back surgeon reno specialist who can help you. Orthopedic surgeons deal with a number of problems that cause back and joint pain. They can diagnose and treat people who have musculoskeletal problems. There are several procedures they can perform to correct back pain. If you need to locate a back surgeon reno specialist, an online directory for orthopedic surgeons in Reno can provide the greatest list of surgeons.

A back surgeon reno specialist works with patients who have problems such as congenital deformities, arthritis, trauma and overuse injuries. They use non surgical as well as surgical procedures to treat degenerative conditions and injuries to the spine and extremities, including the knees, hands, elbows and shoulders. Some of the conditions a back surgeon reno specialist may treat include osteoporosis, arthritis, spinal cord injury, herniated disc, carpal tunnel syndrome, scoliosis and fractures. If you are not sure what is causing your pain, you should consult with a back surgeon reno specialist to get a diagnosis.

An orthopedic surgeon uses several methods to diagnose patients. Some of the tests they perform include MRI, CT or Cat Scan, PET scan, x-rays, hip ultrasound, bone scans, spine ultrasound and other tests. Once the back surgeon reno specialist diagnosis the problem, he determines the best procedure for the condition. The condition that may require spine surgery, knee replacement, invasive disc surgery, hand surgery, joint reconstruction, lumbar spinal fusion, carpal tunnel release or other treatments depending on your condition and the severity of your condition.

Other types of back surgeon reno specialists provide back pain relief with laser spine surgery and minimal invasive procedures. A few of these procedures include lumbar discectomy and neural decompression, microdiscectomy, posterior cervical fusion, thoracic disc and neural decompression, and several others. An online directory for back surgeons in Reno is the best place to get a list of surgeons. Follow the links to the surgeon’s website to find more about the treatments they use.

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