Commercial buildings such as schools, offices, hospitals, restaurants, retail stores and manufacturing facilities normally have high traffic. Several factors are involved when it comes to selecting the right flooring for the various types of commercial buildings. Aesthetic appeal is only one factor when selecting the right commercial flooring. Contacting a commercial flooring rockville contractor is the best way to find out what is available in your area, and what type of flooring will suit your needs.

A commercial flooring rockville contractor will show you the type of flooring that fits your company’s budget as well as how well different flooring types fit specific applications and situations. Once a commercial flooring rockville contractor knows your budget and type of business, he will discuss the different material options, the strength and the durability of each type. An important flooring factor to consider is the maintenance requirements. If the maintenance requirements are extreme, the actual cost may end up being very high.

Many retail stores, restaurants, hospitals and schools use resilient flooring. The options available include rubber tiles, vinyl composition tile, linoleum and sheet vinyl. A commercial flooring rockville contractor will have a large selection for you to look at to make a selection. Resilient flooring is cost effective and durable enough for heavy traffic. This type of flooring is easy to clean. Wood flooring is a good option for smaller commercial establishments. Other options besides solid wood flooring include laminate or engineered wood flooring. The cost is much less than solid wood yet looks nearly the same. Ask the commercial flooring rockville contractor for samples of different colors, styles and types. Wood flooring can last for many years with the proper maintenance.

A commercial flooring rockville contractor will have other types of commercial flooring as well. Other options that you might consider are stone and carpeting. Carpeting does not hold up to heavy traffic as well as other options for commercial buildings. Stone includes slate, marble and concrete. Stone has a long lifespan, but is considerably more expensive than other options. Though more expensive, it is easier to maintain. The popularity of concrete in commercial settings has risen over the last few years due to new technologies that make it aesthetically appealing, durable, and easy and inexpensive to maintain. Discussing your options with a commercial flooring rockville contractor can help you make the best selection.

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