Unfortunately for many women today, Yaz lawsuits are on the rise. This is because many of these women have experienced unfortunate and potentially deadly side effects from taking this drug, which works to prevent pregnancy in women of child-bearing age. These side effects include strokes, severe blood clots and heart attacks, among many other potential negative side effects. And while some women who have been affected are seeking damages on an individual basis, many more are considering the benefits of class-action and mass-tort Yaz lawsuits.

Yaz has been marketed to treat the effects of premenstrual syndrome, or PMS, and premenstrual dysphoric disorder, or PMDD, in addition to preventing pregnancy. However, lately the use of this highly controversial product is being questioned by many health care professionals and past users. Its effects have become so distressing that many are opting to stop taking the drug and are filing class-action or mass-tort Yaz lawsuits to seek compensation for damages.

As the amount of Yaz lawsuits have risen, so have the amount of attorneys who have decided to specialize in these cases and take them on for a growing number of clients. These attorneys are more educated than others about the details of Yaz and its effects on women throughout the world. While they have not taken additional training, per se, they have more experience working on these types of cases. This can lead to higher overall success rates for clients.

If you or someone you love have taken Yaz and now are experiencing side effects from it, then you should consider how Yaz lawsuits can get you the compensation that you feel you deserve. You can work one on one with attorneys to talk about your specific case and see if it is a good fit for others who are in similar situations. You can file lawsuits together rather than as individuals, which can send a more powerful message to the manufacturer of this drug. The more class-action and mass-tort cases that there are out there, the more likely the legal world will take notice of the potentially devastating effects of this drug. This can lead to it eventually being pulled from the marketplace.

You can find an attorney specializing in Yaz lawsuits by doing an online keyword search. Even if you cannot find an attorney where you live, you might be able to consult with him or her over the phone. This is especially true if you decide to join others in class-action or mass-tort Yaz lawsuits.

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