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Five Facts About Industrial Computed Tomography

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Industrial scanning

Computerized tomography, or CT, technology has been widely used for medical diagnostics since the late 1970′s. As the technology has advanced, new uses have been discovered, leading to industrial computed tomography. There are many interesting facts about this generally unknown application of a widely used technology, and here are five of them, along with an explanation of what industrial computed tomography scanning entails.

How It Works

Computed tomography combines X-ray technology and with computers, where the computer produces 2D images of a 3D object with the data it receives from several X-ray machines. With people, it can be a complicated process to get images from all the angles necessary for the final result. Machines can be moved and manipulated, however, making them much easier to

Email Marketing Companies Can Help You Reach Your Sales Goals

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Pittsburgh web design firm

What are your company’s marketing goals? Do you want to grow your small essay coaching service by 10%? Do you want to increase the number of customers for your photography business by at least 15 senior graduation portraits? Do you need to list at least two more houses a month to meet the real estate sales incentive bonus?
Once you have established your goals, what are your plans for reaching them? Do you need to consult with an email marketing company to find out the best way to find a larger potential customer list? Do you need to work with a search engine optimization (SEO) company to find out how you can drive more traffic to your website? Do you need to learn how a social media marketing company can increase the frequency of the posts that you make?
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