Search Engine Optimization The Next Great Thing in Digital Marketing

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The world of digital marketing is a fast-paced, highly-competitive gauntlet that shows no signs of abating. Quite the opposite. There has never been a time in recent history in which the Internet is so widely used. It’s not just used on computers anymore. Now, anyone with a smartphone and tablet can access the Internet quicker and better than ever before. Digital media marketing is constantly monitoring the web to find the best, most innovative ways to appeal to the average consumer. One such innovation, search engine optimization, is changing the way we use the Internet and how we encounter online marketing.

Search engine optimization, or SEO, is a process of creating digital content that best attracts the attention of online search engines. Search engines such as Google, Yahoo!, and Bing use computer programs and algorithms to produce the best, most relevant results in any given search. SEO programs create content that attracts these programs. This content is linked to whatever business or service that hired the SEO campaigners, giving them the advantage of appearing on top of any results page.

Why depend so much on Google? Look at the facts. Every month, search engines process a whopping 100 billion requests, making the total number of Internet searches processed every year in the trillions. The search engine industry itself is worth annual $16 billion! Moreover, nearly 93% of all online uses begin with a visit to a search engine. It is for these reasons why SEO marketing has been a phenomenal success in the digital marketing industry, and it shows no says of going away anytime soon.

Internet ad agencies all over the country — in fact, the world — are quickly turning to SEO campaigns for their promotions marketing. From the largest multinational corporations to the smallest local businesses, SEO marketing is an excellent fit for everyone. More.

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