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Understanding Different Types of Proxy Servers and How They Add Security to a Company’s Server

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Internet access has continued to improve, making it possible for people to do work for a single company from essentially anywhere in the world that has an internet connection. As accessing networks has become easier, many people are able to work from home or work while they are traveling. Being able to work remotely greatly improves a company’s efficiency, and it can benefit employees who may live far away from the corporate office. As useful as this is, working remotely can also create an increased security threat. In order to combat threats from hackers, businesses can use a proxy or reverse proxy server as data loss prevention solutions to protect the open network connection that is created from a remote computer and the company server.

What is a Proxy Server?

A proxy is ess

The Top Three Easy Fixes to Improve Your Website Performance

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People are often perplexed when they consider how to improve website performance; they want their website to be a bit more popular or successful, but they have already added all their content, so what is left to do? Here are three things you can do to figure out how to improve website performance:

1. Local Content

When you are considering good website design tips, one thing to consider when pondering how to improve website traffic is how vital it is to have relevant, local content. You must ask yourself: how does my site rank for keywords? When you impr