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Outsourcing Managed Services Let You Focus on Core Biz

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Your company is specialized in its field, not IT, just as IT and managed service companies are focused running communications, not your field. With 90% of businesses expected to purchase some type of managed services in 2014 to run such services as voice, data, mobile, and cloud services, they allow you to focus more on your business model.

Managed service companies, which also includes managed hosting dedicated to your internet growth, have access to technology and resources small business typically do not. Given the web hosting industry holds a value of 12.3 billion dollars and IT spending was up 4.2% last year, website hosting companies offering managed hosting dedicated to client websites are among the top managed services segments. Additionally, the typical organization uses about 545 differen

Four Ways Your Company Can Consistently Reduce Overhead Costs

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Every business owner will eventually come to the same conclusion: the overhead is too high, and it’s eating into profits. But what can companies do to cut down on these costs? Rent, employees, and bills always need to be paid on time. It can often seem as if there’s limited options for how a budget can be pared down.

As LifeHack points out, though, “one month with too much overhead can be the kiss of death.” Believe it or not, there are several ways you can effectively cut down on your daily, monthly, and yearly overhead. Here are four tips to keep in mind.

1. Go Paperless

For some businesses, this might already be obvious, but a surprising number are inching very slowly toward storing data on Continue Reading No Comments