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SEO is the New Phonebook Three Tips for Online Marketing

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Google has just reported its top searches for 2013, and the top three were Nelson Mandela, Paul Walker, and the iPhone 5s. Media sites keep discussing the reasons behind Google’s top queries, and with good reason. What people search for on Google not only tells us something about them, but it also clues us in to how important Google has become as a tool for locating everything from history books to product reviews.

Search engine optimization should be an essential part of your business’s online marketing. This is especially true if you are a local business; 60% of consumers will search for local businesses on their smartphone. Getting visibility for your business doesn’t mean purchasing a spot in the phonebook anymore. How can you make sure that people know about your site, and therefore your

Mobile Ecommerce Figures Are Up This Holiday Season

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Now that the ecommerce holiday shopping period is coming to a close, many are seeing the benefits of optimizing their sites for mobile devices.

After all, more than half of all local search engine inquiries in the U.S. are now made from mobile devices, meaning that most people are either researching products, or doing their ecommerce holiday shopping from mobile devices. This is backed by a study from Business Insider, which found that more than a quarter of ecommerce holiday shopping during Thanksgiving was done on mobile devices, while Black Friday and Cyber Monday also showed increases in mobile device usage for purchases.

Conversely, if a business doe