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Do You Always Have Someone In Your Restaurant With a Food Protection Certificate?

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Food and sanitation

In 2012, according to the New York City Department of Health, restaurant health code violations will produce $48 million in fines. Even in one of the great cities of the world, there are a lot of ways people can get sick eating prepared food.

The Centers for Disease Control cite eight pathogens for most instances of foodborne illness, hospitalizations and deaths. We’re all familiar with food recalls and people sickened by fruit and meat. As a manager of a restaurant, you should have a food protection certificate. But you’re not there every minute of every day…so, do others in your establishment have a food protection certificate? Or are you exposing yourself to a violation or worse, someone getting sick.

As a holder of a food protection certificate, you’re sure that all meats are kept on the lowest shelves in your refrigeration units to prevent dripping on other foodstuffs. A food protection certificate holder knows that refrigeration impedes bacterial growth, but doesn’t stop it. And after food safety certification, you certainly don’t allow employees to eat and drink in the kitchen because you know that’s a health code violation.

Just how proficient are your employees in good food and sanitation practices? How many have taken food safety courses…and when? Is training to acquire a food protection certificate even offered to your employees? If not, why not? Is restaurant food safety emphasized in your restaurant? Do you train your people on the proper ways of handling food?

A food protection certificate alone won’t ward off a fine or prevent someone from getting sick. What are you doing to make sure you know who has been trained, when, and how effectively?

Staying In Jackson Hole Inns Will Welcome You To The Surprise Of A Lifetime

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Jackson hole inns

If you are considering taking a vacation to Jackson Hole inns and have never been to the valley before, then you are in for an amazing time. While Wyoming might be famous for Yellowstone National Park, it is actually home to six other national parks that are just as beautiful and when you stay in Jackson Hole inns, you will be right at the edge of Grand Teton National Park, one of the most beautiful. By staying in Jackson Hole inns, you will also be able to see a wide variety of amazing things that will help to make your vacation very enjoyable.

If you visit Jackson hole inns in the spring, you will be just in time for the trees to bloom and everything to turn green. You will find that most Jackson Hole inns are just a short way from some great hiking and bird watching opportunities. Moreover, if you are lucky enough to stay in Jackson wy hotels in May, you could go to the Jackson Town Square and bear witness to the only public auction for elk antlers that takes place anywhere in the world.

In the summer, you will find that Jackson Hole lodging is ideal if you love water sports, fishing, hiking, mountain climbing, or anything else outdoorsy. Most Jackson Hole motels will be a hop, skip, and a jump away from the Grose Ventre or Snake rivers where you could take one of the infamous float rides downstream. You will also be able to enjoy local food, festivals, and other events that are all easy to get to from Jackson hole hotels.

In the fall, you can experience many of the same things you would enjoy in the spring and summer, but amidst the fiery colors of the fall foliage that will blanket the entire valley and surrounding mountains. However, in the winter, Jackson Wyoming lodging opens you up to a skiers paradise. In fact, Grand Teton Mountain has a beautiful ski lodge which is also one of the lowest base elevation skiing resorts anywhere in the Rockies.

Overall, you will find that there is no place quite like Jackson Hole for you to have your adventures in. Since these adventures will be different every season, you can always experience something new each time you visit. You can be certain that you will enjoy each new trip more than the last.