Many business owners know how important it is to have technology on their side. Unfortunately, many false rumors persist about implementing new technology in your hotels. This makes it easy to look at hotel management software lists and start to feel nervous. However, it’s important to separate the truth from the falsehoods surrounding hotel technology. With that in mind, here are five myths about hotel management software.

  1. Difficult to Setup

    The future of the hotel industry focuses heavily on the inclusion of technology. That being said, many business owners equate new technology with frustration. It’s understandably frustrating to set up new software on your own. However, this doesn’t have to be the case. You’ll find that choosing the right hotel management software provider eliminates this problem. In turn, you’re able to begin enjoying the benefits of quality hotel software as soon as possible.
  2. Takes a Long Time to Learn

    No hotel owner wants to spend months trying to train staff how to use difficult software systems. While you’re perusing hotel management software lists, look for companies offering easy to implement solutions. A quality hotel management software company understands that not everyone is a software engineer. Therefore, these companies will provide software solutions that are easy for all staff members to begin using. In turn, you and your staff will have more time to focus on other hotel management related matters.
  3. Upgrading Software is Difficult

    This is another myth about hotel management software. In many cases, a hotel management software provider should be able to take care of upgrades and updates from their location. This helps to ensure that minimum effort is needed on your behalf to take care of updates. One study by Harris Interactive and RightNow found that 86% of consumers stopped doing business with a company due to one bad experience as a customer. Likewise, it’s important that your business is able to avoid these same types of bad experiences. Trying to update and upgrade systems without the help of your software provider isn’t fair to your business. If you’re not receiving automated updates, you’ll want to look into choosing another hotel management software company.
  4. You’ll Have to Find New Software Upon Expansion

    The dream of almost every hotel owner is to expand their respective companies. However, thinking about changing software companies can make any hotel owner wary of expanding. While looking at hotel management software lists, ensure you’re finding programs able to scale with your business. In turn, this ensures you’re working with a versatile provider of hotel management solutions.
  5. Only Helps with Management Matters

    You’ll likely be surprised to find how much hotel management software can help with your company’s marketing efforts. Many hotel management software lists include useful marketing features. One study found that 43% of travelers look for the ability to book their rooms online. Considering that, you’ll be glad to know that many types of hotel management software seamlessly integrate with your company’s online efforts. These types of software are able to integrate with online review directories, social media platforms, and your company’s website. In addition, you’ll have access to data that can enable your business to make increasingly smarter marketing decisions.

In closing, there are several myths about hotel management software that you shouldn’t believe. Hotel management software isn’t nearly as complicated or difficult to learn as many might think. In addition, these types of software provide extremely important benefits to your business. Hotel management software helps make hotel stays easier for both staff and customers. Considering that, loyalty is extremely important for both companies and consumers. In fact, statistics show that building loyalty with only 5% more customers can help a business increase profits from anywhere between 25 to 100% per customer. You’ll find that building loyalty with customers is much easier than normal with the help of hotel management software.

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