Can a PCB Prototype Avoid Costly Surface Quality Issues?

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As printed circuit boards, or PCBs, have evolved, so have the technical difficulties manufacturers experience making them. The technology for personal home computers has improved exponentially over the last 30 years. Our demands for newer, faster, and shinier tech has led to new materials and new innovations in PCB fabrication. The problem that arises for the manufacturer is deciding when to make a prototype, and finding fast PCB prototypes when they do.

Prototypes: In Theory, They Should Be Used On Each New Project.

Most computer engineers were taught to start by making a working prototype. During the

Have a Better Printed Circuit Board Experience with These 7 Tips

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In the world of electronics, there have been few advancements as important as the creation of the printed circuit board. More than anything else, it made all of the electronic devices that many of us could not live without possible. Their importance is only growing. Five decades after they were first developed, in 1995, the industry was worth about $7.1 billion. In 2000, that number was $10 billion. As of 2012, that figure had skyrocketed to $60 billion across the globe. The printed circuit board assembly process has also changed over the years. Prototype printed circuit boards (PCB) have become easier and easier to design and manufacture. Here are some tips to working with the PCB