Remodel Bathroom Projects to Update Your Home

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Bathroom remodeling norfolk

Are you ready to start a home remodeling project? Perhaps you are going to start with a remodel bathroom project. Before you start a bathroom remodeling Chesapeake project, how about a few interesting bathroom facts. The average woman will spend, during her lifetime, the equivalent of one year, seven months and 15 days in the bathroom. And yet, that is only one month more than the average man. Queen Elizabeth I did not see the need for a remodel bathroom project. In 1596, when presented with a flush toilet, she did not want to use it. She thought it was more convenient to have servants bring her a chamber pot.

A remodel bathroom project, including bathroom remodeling Virginia Beach, will give you a new sanctuary with just a few steps. Update that tile, and perhaps add a jetted tub or a steam shower for the ultimate in relaxation. Add shiny new fixtures and countertops, and your remodel bathroom project will finish the project.

After the remodel bathroom project is complete, think about moving to a remodel kitchen project. Kitchens are the main or number one project that homeowners prefer to do. Kitchen remodeling norfolk projects will actually bring great returns on investment costs. A report from Remodeling magazine states that even minor kitchen remodels will return 78 percent of the cost, on average, when the home is sold.

In addition to remodel bathroom facts, here is one about kitchens. The White House did not have stoves until the 1950s. Before that, all the food cooked for the First Families were cooked in fireplaces. Now you, of course, have a stove, so you get to think about new kitchen cabinets and other options. Paired with remodel bathroom projects, a kitchen remodel will add a new look to your home.

Whether you are going to do a remodel bathroom or kitchen project yourself, or you will be calling in the professionals, the end product will be a delight.
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