How to Protect Yourself from a Cyber Attack

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“Just because you’re paranoid does not mean they’re not out to get you.” Joseph Heller, Catch-22

Nothing could be more true than in today’s IT world. The data are staggering. Criminals lurk online in more than 200 countries. About 50% of cybersecurity experts think their agency will be targeted for a denial-of-service attack within the next year at their agencies and 67% don’t think they can fend it off. Many rely on IT support departments that may not be trained well enough.

Not scared yet? In 2013, about 145,000 new malware programs for mobile devices were discovered. This marked a three fold increase from the year before.

Nearly 145,000 new malicious programs for mobile devices were detected in 2013, more the 3x the previous year’s figure.

Even the federal government is not immune; China has bee re

Is Your Computer Running Slowly? It May Need a Repair

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Has your computer recently been affected by a virus? Perhaps it simply isn’t running as fast or efficiently as it once did. No matter what the issue, it likely requires professional computer repair.

When you do seek computer services from someone who is qualified to fix the particular issue, it is critical that the person or company has a reputation for being able to diagnose the problem and take the best approach toward resolving the problem, all in a way that saves you as much time and money as possible. After all, the quicker your computer is back to full functionality, the more productive you can be. This especially important when you consider who much work we actually accomplish using technology and the Internet today, and to what it extent it helps us to stay connected to the individuals and groups that ma