Four Steps to More Productive Meetings

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A recent survey out of the University of North Carolina asked managers what they thought about meetings at their company. A stunning seven out of 10 said that they believed meetings at their company were inefficient and unproductive. That same survey asked employees what they were doing during their meetings, and again, seven out of 10 admitted they were doing other things during meetings they perceived to be a waste of time.

Today, many meetings are taking place online or with call-in participants. This only serves to make the issue more complicated, as it’s a lot more difficult to gauge body language and non-verbal cues this way. But the online and telephone meeting is a necessary part of modern business life, so meeting solutions are needed. This is why most companies turn to Cisco call manager tools and Cisco Unified Communications software solutions to make meetings run more smoothly. Is there any way to make the modern meeting more productive?

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