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Finding the Best Candidates for Top Job Openings Is Important

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Executive search consultant

One of the most expensive human resources tasks is conducting an executive search. In fact, finding someone to fill the top openings in a company can mean a nationwide executive search that requires a significant budget, a great deal of time, and equal amounts of stress. Fortunately, human resources consultants can help companies not only find a good pool of candidates, but also increase the chance that the resources you hire will remain at the job.
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Keeping Track of the Growing World

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What is location intelligence

The world is constantly growing. Babies are being born faster than people are dying and the population is consistently climbing. In fact, in the next four decades the world’s population will nearly DOUBLE. This means that for the people who collect data on things like demographics and population, their job is about to get even more complex. Thankfully, new advances in demographic reporting tools can help. And demographic reporting tools are going to be very necessary, according to research company Gartner, who reports that in the next few decades there will be 4.4 million data jobs available but that two thirds of them will go unfilled. Between 2012 and 2022, a span of just ten years, a