There are many reasons for businesses to scan documents, especially when they continue to pile up and business owners have to keep track of many clients all at once. It’s always nice to have your information in one place, which is how these services can be especially helpful to those in need. Whether you need large format scanned or microfilm scanning services, it is imperative to have onsite document scanning available to you and your business.

What Services Businesses Look for

Businesses are always trying to stay organized to the best of their ability. With so many documents being transferred day in and day out between these companies, it is important that these services are made available to companies when they need onside document scanning the most. Here are some things that you might not have known about document scanning and its importance for businesses: The average document is photocopied 19 times, with 7.5% of all documents getting lost. With up to 133 e-mails being sent back and forth between businesses and clients in any given day, it is especially important to have services that make this process much easier for you.

Paper documents are not needed on the level we used to print them on due to the fact that many people want their documents to be digital and kept in one area. At this very time, in fact, there are over 4 trillion paper documents in the U.S. alone, which are growing at a rate of 22% a year. Just to store one document, it takes $20 to file and store it, and much more than that to find a document that has been lost. It also takes about 5 minutes to walk to a document and find it. This is valuable time that could be saved multiple times a day if you chose to switch to onsite document scanning, which could give you the freedom to save your documents in one place where you can easily access them within seconds.

Converting documents and investing in a service that scans on site can save you so much time, energy, and money. It might be time to switch when it comes to documentation services and what they can do for you.

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