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College fairs across America have started and universities and colleges of all sizes are trying to get recognized. The smallest college in a town that no one has heard of, for instance, can get the recognition that they want through the use of trade show banner printing from digital printing companies that can help create unique and inspired designs.
When high school students and their parents enter a venue that is filled with colleges from across the country, they are hopeful that they will be noticed by the schools they are most interested in. The reality of the process, however, is that it is often the trade show banner printing that gets the most attention. Whichever school, in fact, can come up with the most creative and dynamic trade show booths will likely get the biggest draw of both students and parents.
Finding a way to make sure that you get noticed is often the best way a college has to catch the attention of the students who are visiting the college fairs across the country. Making the best use of vinyl printing techniques that are available can help you reach the audience you are looking for.
Commercial Printing Shops Can Help Businesses Reach the Customers They Are Trying to Attract
Whether you are part of the marketing department at a small college, large university, or you are looking for way to promote a new cooking product at a state fair, you likely understand the importance of the best kinds of trade show banner printing products. Consider some of these statistics about how marketing materials can help companies reach the desired results:

  • 51% of trade show exhibitors indicate that they value face-to-face meetings with current customers and future prospects.
  • The maximum allowable height at a trade show typically ranges from 16 feet to 20 feet, including signage, but the use of the entire space may be used if you have an island booth.
  • If you follow the overall guidelines for booth design graphics almost half of your graphics space should be totally blank. Leaving 40% empty space allows the viewer a space to breathe and take in the other materials that you are presenting.
  • Old graphics on tattered banners will not make the best first impression. Upgrading to new vinyl graphics with fresh designs can help you send a new, strong message to your current and potential customers.
  • Nearly four out of five people walking the aisles are potential customers for exhibitors, so it is important to make sure that 81% of trade show display attendees have buying authority.
  • 31.6% of a company’s total marketing budget is usually allocated to events and exhibiting, and more than $24 billion is spent a year by U.S. Exhibitors for trade show displays. Unfortunately, 70% of these exhibitors have no specific objectives for the future trade shows exhibits they are attending.

When was the last time that you updated the marketing materials that you use when you attend trade shows and other large scale events? Making an investment in your marketing materials can help you get your best and most current message across.
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