Android device management

Smartphone manufacturers shipped 136 million Android based devices in the third quarter of the year 2012, which represented about a 75 percent market share in this field. If your business uses Android in the enterprise it is vital that you have quality Android management in place from a dependable Android security model, particularly if your company utilizes BYOD policies. BYOD policies in the workplace can improve productivity, reduce paperwork, and lead to accurate billing and a streamlined workflow. Be sure that you find quality Android device management programs if you want your team’s Androids to be controlled sufficiently.

Android in the enterprise is very helpful for companies that want to use smartphones to achieve more of their business goals and get a better grasp on the responsibilities that they have. One of the reasons that Android in the enterprise is so popular is because of many things that companies can do with these devices. However, security is one of the main concerns for organizations that incorporate a BYOD policy. Cloud based software tools can help alleviate these concerns.

When utilizing Android in the enterprise you need to have excellent quality management in place so that you can get the most out of these devices and keep them secure. Mobile device management that comes from software as a service can help you push updates through automatically, set device restriction, and get insight into the devices of your employees. Make sure that you get the software that gives you the functionality that you require from Android in the enterprise, no matter how long you have been utilizing these smartphones or what industry you operate in. It can be helpful to come up with a list of features that you need from Android in the enterprise so that you can invest in the tools that are needed for your organization to find success with Android based phones.

Utilizing a BYOD policy can streamline tasks, reduce paperwork, and allow real time updates from any location. Take the time to look carefully for the appropriate applications to help you with Android in the enterprise and your business can interface with the right parties with less difficulty. Trust your company’s Android network to a specialist in managing Android devices and you will always have peace of mind about the functionality of your network and how it can contribute to the tasks that your business needs to complete.

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