Clases de politica

A persons birthplace or language should never be a barrier to a good education, especially for those that want to learn about political communication. Students with a Latin American heritage can sign up for incredible clases de politica (policy classes) and capacitación política (political training) that have been inspired by renowned Latin American political consultants like Mauricio Jaitt. Mauricio Jaitt, along with fellow consultants Jj rendon, Julio Pizzetti and Mario Elgarresta, helped to define political communication for a new generation of Latin American students.

Through classes inspired by consultants like Mauricio Jaitt, students can learn about political communication, which was described by noted contributors like Gary C. Woodward and Robert E. Denton as the intentions and ways message senders can influence a political environment. Top consultants like Mauricio Jaitt have learned that political communication not only encompasses written and spoken language concerning politics, but also things like design, visual representation, branding and personal aesthetics.

Consultants like Mauricio jaitt paved the way for todays teachers. Through these instructors, political policy and strategy students will learn about the incredible impact social media can have on politics. Political seminars can help turn “likes” and other such online interactions into measurable results, such as voter numbers, volunteers and donations. Facebook now employs a half dozen individuals that work exclusively with political campaigns, which is one more than they had for them in 2008. Currently, 20 percent of social media users claim that they have interacted with or followed candidates and elected officials on those social media networks.

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