Rochester New York is a city that truly blooms come summer time. One of the best ways to experience this budding is to take in all the great Rochester music that can be fond all over the city. Rochester music comes in all shapes and sizes, and whether your tastes are for country, rap, rock alternative or something completely different, you can find it at any one of the major festivals offering a taste of Rochester music. One of the best things about the Rochester music scene is that it takes place in many different formats. Some people love to hear live music but they are uncomfortable spending time in bars and dives where this kind of music is usually played. In Rochester, this is not a concern because that area boasts a large number of festivals and gathering where all different kinds of music can be heard all summer long. Some of these events are big time shows and tours, which obviously require you to purchase admission. Many of the best shows however are free and open to the public.

This highly accessible attitude towards music helps grow the local Rochester music scene as well. In the city, musicians know that it is relatively easy to get exposure and so many bands form in the region. In turn this gives Rochester an almost never ending stream of new music and new bands to enjoy. Whatever else you might say about the Rochester musical scene, you would be hard pressed to describe it as stale or static. Rochester also does a great job of providing other kinds of entertainment with its music. Since so many of the bands play at free concerts, or as part of some larger event or festival, there is something for everyone to do while the band plays on. This makes it easier to plan family outings because you do not need to worry about whether or not everyone likes the same music. Those who do can stay and enjoy, while those who are not fans are free to wander and enjoy the other treats of the city.

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