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Three Benefits of Cloud-Based Phone Systems You Can’t Ignore

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If you run a small to mid-sized business, you likely hear about the continuing growth of cloud technologies on a regular basis.

The prediction that the market for cloud equipment and technology will be worth $79.1 billion by 2018 alone is no small statistic. It’s clear that the cloud is becoming the standard for any company that relies on technology in any way.

One of the more surprising uses of the cloud comes in the form of business phone systems. No matter how big or small your business is, switching your phone systems over to a cloud-based server has a number of advantages that are hard to ignore.

Not sure if your business should invest in setting up an Internet phone system? This list of the top three benefits that cloud business phones offer just might change your mind:


Three Tips to Help You Select the Best Cloud Computing Service for Your Company

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For smaller companies and businesses that take a little more time to adapt to the latest technologies immediately, the idea of switching over to the cloud can be pretty intimidating. However, the benefits of storing your data and information on a cloud computing server far outweigh any growing pains your company might experience with the new technology.

So once you’ve decided that your company would benefit from switching over to a cloud computing solution, it’s time to decide which cloud service is right for its unique needs. Because cloud services are highly customizable, it can be confusing to figure out what your company needs.

To help, here are the top three things you should always consider when trying to select the best cloud computing solutions for your company’s unique needs: