Do Claims Represented by Social Security Attorneys Have a Better Chance?

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Q: Will claims that have representation from social security attorneys have a better chance at being awarded benefits during a hearing than those that do not have representation?

A: Statistically speaking, most claims that are awarded benefits after a hearing have been represented by social security attorneys. Some claims that do not have legal representation are awarded benefits, as well. Social security attorneys have the expertise, education and experience to know what is needed by judges and claims examiners to adjudicate claims fairly. Most claimants do not have that level of knowledge or experience. So although social security attorneys are not required in order for claims to go before hearings, their expertise can be extremely beneficial. For that reason, claims will usually have a better chance at being awarded benefits during a hearing if they are represented by social security attorneys.

Q: Do you have to wait 5 months to apply for SSDI?

A: No, there is not a waiting period to apply for SSDI. There is a waiting period to receive benefits, but not to apply. Many people are confused by that. If you are awarded benefits, you are not entitled to receive benefits until 5 months after your established date of onset (when your condition or injury began). The review process can be quite lengthy and many claimants are well past that 5 month waiting period by the time they receive decisions on their claims. In fact, many are awarded retroactive benefits, or back pay, for the time between when they became eligible to receive benefits and when they were awarded them. The bottom line is that you should not wait to apply for SSDI. If you expect your injury or condition will prevent you from working for a year or more, apply.

If You Want To Visit Saint Augustine, Golf Is A Better Reason Than Any Other

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For vacationers considering a visit to Saint Augustine, golf should be at the top of your list when you are thinking of reasons to go. In Saint Augustine golf enthusiasts can enjoy some of the finest courses in the world n some very beautiful coastal settings. In Saint Augustine golf vacations are very popular, and there are many award winning courses that have resorts either on or near the property. This means that every morning, when you wake up in Saint Augustine golf is only steps away; a delightful notion for serious players. With so many courses to choose from in Saint Augustine golf enthusiasts may have trouble playing them all in just one trip.

Before actually traveling to Saint Augustine golf lovers should take the time to research the courses in the area online. There is a wealth of information to be found about Saint Augustine golf courses on the internet, and at the same time you can also learn where you should stay, and what other activities are available. If your family is coming with you to Saint augustine golf can occupy your days while the rest of the family explores Florida’s rich landscape, beautiful beaches, and many attractions. At the end of the day, you can all converge in one of Saint Augustine’s many great restaurants, and share your experiences from the day’s events before retiring to your cozy hotel room until the next day comes and you can start all over again. Remember that Saint Augustine has several golf courses, so do not feel like you are limited to just one, even if you are staying at a resort that sports a course. You can find golf courses in St Augustine that are right on the ocean, amongst the trees, nestled in rolling hills, or on flat plains, and there is no reason you should not experience each one of them.

There can be no doubt that the first time you visit St. Augustine, you will fall in love with its old style charm, beautiful settings, and of course, the golf. Just remember that it is fine if you do not play every course, see every attraction, or eat at every restaurant. All that this means is that you will have an excuse to visit beautiful St. Augustine again, and the courses will all still be waiting for you upon your next visit.