Three Essential Tips for Choosing Your Local SEO Experts

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Local seo

The market for search engine optimization services has absolutely exploded over the last few years. According to IBIS World, there are nearly 5,000 digital marketing companies in the United States specializing in SEO company services. The growth of the SEO industry is no real surprise, not when you realize that consumers are spending more than $1.5 trillion every year online, and that 93% of those online shopping experiences begin with a search engine.

A growing number of these companies are offering their services as local SEO experts. SEO, as you may know, is moving away from the generalized tactics of the past. Web shoppers want to find businesses that are closer to home. Subsequently, Continue Reading No Comments

Local Search Optimization Offers You A New Way To Get Business

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Local search optimization

When you have a small local store that you would like see have more foot traffic, one of the more unique ways to make that happen is through local search optimization. By utilizing local search optimization, you will be able to trust your company’s good name to a specialist that will use very innovate techniques in SEO to broadcast your company’s presence to customers who specifically will be looking out for a brick and mortar store to walk into. The way that local search optimization does this is by optimizing business and map website directory profiles where customers who are looking for a place to land are more likely to start their queries. Like regular SEO, localized techniques will help your business to land at the top of internal search results on these pages so that you are granted more exposure and hopefully more customers.