How Can Local SEO Services Build Your Business?

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You take your business seriously and follow the latest business trends, so you know that search engine optimization (SEO) is rated as the most effective tactic for lead generation, with more than a third of all marketers saying it is, ?very effective.? And according to Pew Internet, almost 60% of people have used the internet to research a product or service at some point. So how can you take advantage of that? How can you make the most of your business? online presence? By hiring specialists in local SEO services.

More than 93% of all online experiences start with a search engine, and Google owns up to 70% of the search engine business. How do you get a high ranking with Google? How do you get seen? Most search users (75%) never even scroll past the first page of results when conducting a searc

Local SEO Experts Google Is NOT A Search Engine

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Sure, Google might dominate up to 70% of the search engine market. And yes, the name “Google” is virtually synonymous with the word “search engine” at this point. And, yes, there’s a reason we don’t have a verb for “Bing-ing.” But it’s also true that any search engine optimization expert will tell you Google is NOT a search engine, at least not primarily.

No, Google is first and foremost an advertising company, and it owns some of the most valuable advertising inventory on the entire Internet. That’s because Google knows three-quarters of search users will never scroll past the first page of results, and that means businesses are willing to pay quite a bit to get their site on that first page of search results.

But here’s another secret local SEO companies will tell you — up to 80% of users will