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Importance of Ad Blockers for Remote Workers

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New technologies and innovations are forever making our work faster and more productive. With the interconnectivity of devices, new cyber threats often arrive in a familiar guise. Email scams, adware, and spam can exploit new security holes in our systems. There always seem to be a different issue for you or for managed IT services to monitor. One step individuals or companies can take to reduce these risks is think about using adblockers.

If a company has remote workers, or often lets their employees work from home, using a different computer than they might at work, there is a potential to introduce third party risks. Only looking at large companies, almost two out of three in the United States will allow telecommuting periodically. That number has been on the rise. Even in small businesses, 62% of employe

The history of computer containment

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Now more than ever, storing data is a huge deal. It hasn’t been for very long, of course. It’s only ever been since the late seventies and early eighties that large companies have really needed to store mass amounts of data. The history of how they did this is very interesting as well. The types of information they stored, the types of data racks they used, the entire story is fascinating when told from several different angles. Today we use a variety of different ways to store data, both digitally and physically. Most companies have a plethora of different options, from hot aisle containment to cold aisle containment and a wide variety of server racks, controlled containment rooms and other ad