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How to Speed up a Slow and Frustrating Network Connection

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If you have several devices hooked up together at home to make your network, you might have what seems like 500 ft ethernet cable swarming your house and you still end up with a slow connection. Here are a few simple ways to optimize your home network.

Make sure your router is in the right place.
If you have a wireless network, then the first thing to do in make sure that the router is in the correct position. Wireless connections get weaker when distance comes between the router and the device. If it has to travel through floors and walls, it can cut out. The best way to position a router is so that there is a direct line of sight to each device that is connected to it. Unfortunately, at home, this doesn’t work unless you have a router in each room which would defeat the purpose. W

Is Your Business Looking for an IT Provider?

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To begin to understand the purpose and function of search engine optimization services businesses simply need to look at the news feeds and paid content that shows up on their social media sites. Current marketing research indicates that mobile devices and search engines are used for an increasing number of purchases made today. And while consumers look to their mobile devices and its searches for the product information that they need, they have very little patience in waiting for those results.
As a result, a business with a website that is not able to monitor and collect data from its digital consumers is likely losing out on potential customers. A slow page that does not instantly respond to a viewer’s click will be abandoned.
A site that does not adjust to the different screen sizes of la