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FAQ Understanding the Field of Industrial X-Ray Inspection

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Radiographic testing

Most people know about X-rays in the context of medicine. Today, most X-ray technology has gone digital, and the field of digital radiography is used to capture images from inside the human body. They can help doctors analyze broken bones, diagnose tumors, and even look inside the human brain. In CAT scans, doctors combine thousands of these two-dimensional X-ray “slices” into a detailed 3D image.
However, many manufacturers, auto companies, scientists, and aerospace engineers now use industrial X-ray technology for inspection purposes. While the technology is similar to medical radiology, they are two completely separate fields.
Many companies have a need for non-destructive testing and 3D scanning s

How Can HR Consulting Services Help Improve Employee Retention?

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Restructuring consulting firms

As human resources managers frequently discover, a successful search doesn’t end with a hire. The goal of a successful search has been redefined as a retained search, where the new hire settles in as a part of the organization. All too often, new hires tend to jump ship in the early months, leading to more expenditures on hiring. The lack of continuity and experience affect overall productivity and the work culture. Executive hr search firms offer consultative services that can help firms avoid these problems.
Packages including onboarding, career coaching, talent retention, leadership development and succession planning can help new employees find their feet and identify with their new employers, leading to higher job satisfaction and lower turnover.

From search to reten