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Nearly Half Of All Young Adults Don’t Have A Retirement Plan

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Are you looking for financial opportunities for future retirement plans? Feeling like your options are shrinking around you? You’re far from alone. Thanks to fluctuating outlooks on the American economy, a rapidly aging population and changing demographics, many people are searching for financial services to assist with everything from small businesses to retirement. Knowing how to properly budget your finances and plan for the future isn’t easy when you have a million and one different obligations clamoring for your attention on a daily basis. Below is a comprensive list on common issues involving healthcare and retirement, to better set you up for su

What Industrial CT Scanning Is and What It Can Do for You

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Industrial CT scanning, or industrial computerized tomography, is a 3D laser scanning service that uses X-ray technology to create 3D images of the interior and exterior of an object. CT scanning was first invented by a British engineer of EMI Laboratories and a South African-born physicist from Tufts University in 1972. For their contributions to science and medicine, the pair was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Since then, industrial CT scanning has improved by leaps and bounds. Years ago, it would take hours to generate only a few single CT slices. Today, complete 3D models composed of billions of voxels can be reconstructed in mere seconds. Such enhancements in speed and efficiency have opened the door for countless new 3D laser scanning service applications. From development to inspection and analysis, and rev