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3 Reasons To Invest In A Live Answering Service

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Quality answering service

We have all had fights with robots. Perhaps you recognize the following barbed phrases from a run-in with a robot in the recent past:
“If you are having trouble paying your bill, press five.”
“Welcome to Tweedle Dee Urgent Care. Our office is now closed.”
“Your call is important to us. Please leave a message, and someone will get back to you shortly.”
There is nothing more annoying than having to contend with an automated telephone answering service, whether we need to ask a car insurance question or change our purchase order. Often we get so frustrated we button mash until a real live human being answers the phone, but if it’s after hours, we are le

Is Mobile POS Right for Your Pharmacy?

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Pos system for pharmacy

Finding a good POS system isn’t always easy, especially if you run a small pharmacy and you aren’t particularly tech-inclined. There are just enough different brands of retail pharmacy POS systems that choosing the perfect one can be overwhelming — and let’s face it, it’s hard to know exactly which features will benefit your pharmacy the most, and which features are worthwhile investments.

But there’s one type of POS system that has recently become very popular, especially for small pharmacies, and it’s likely that this technology will be around for quite a while: mobile POS systems.

You’ve probably already seen mobile Continue Reading No Comments