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The Digital Age of Health Care is Upon Us

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The increasing use of technology has greatly impacted the health care industry. Patient files used to be stored in large rooms with rows of folders and papers, but many health care facilities now use electronic and digital records. Many of the old files have been scanned and added to an existing patients records, and new records are often only digital.

This is a process that has taken precedence in recent years, as many health care facilities have begun to convert all of their files. President Barack Obama recently signed the Hitech Act in 2009 that encouraged digital health record use. The act provides $27 billion in financial incentives.

In addition to the President’s endorsement of electronic medical record use, Health 2.0 has gained significant ground in the health care industry. This is a term that h

What Are the Benefits of Upgrading Your Business Phone System to VOIP?

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As we move ever further into the Internet Age, technology is becoming an increasingly crucial part of any business. Consider, according to Forbes, cloud computing solutions are expected to grow by 36% through 2016. That’s not terribly surprising, not when you consider the advantages of outsourcing your data needs. Turning to server hosting companies means you don’t have to maintain an expensive onsite server. It’s also a surefire way to increase data redundancy and security, helping to keep your business safe from increasingly aggressive cybercriminals.

The most important revolutions in business technology have been those improving business phone systems. Whereas before businesses had to rely on expensive, out-dated land-lines, cloud hosting and computing companies now offer internet-based busin